Types of sleep studies

We offer two types of sleep studies, each with their own advantages. The options are either a comprehensive in-laboratory polysomnogram, or a home-based apnea specific test.

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Referring doctor will decide

Your referring doctor will decide which test type is most suitable to your needs based on your clinical symptoms, but also considering certain guidelines that may be prescribed by your medical aid.

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  1. Sleep at our facility, where you will have a comfortable private room and a peaceful atmosphere.
  2. Constant assistance throughout night by qualified staff.
  3. In addition to diagnosing breathing disorders, also includes the measurement of sleep stages and leg movements, allowing diagnosis of sleep disorders other than sleep apnea.
  4. Most sensitive and accurate for all degrees of sleep apnea, considered the golden standard for sleep disorder testing.
  5. Suitable for all diagnostic sleep testing.
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Apnea specific testing



  1. Sleep at your home.
  2. Patient should be able to perform sensor application at home.
  3. Specifically intended to only evaluate breathing patterns during sleep, aimed at diagnosing uncomplicated obstructive sleep apnea.
  4. Less sensitive. If results are inconclusive, a comprehensive polysomnogram may be necessary in future.
  5. Not suitable for patients with significant heart or lung disease, neuromuscular disorders, using supplemental oxygen, requiring nursing care, complex sleep disorders like insomnia or sleep related movement disorders.
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